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About Me:

As a professional chef, I have several passions in life! I love spending time with my lovely bride Kate and we love riding our motorcycle everywhere we can. Whether on vacation or simple day/weekend trips. I love to golf, spend time in the outdoors in the woods but obviously besides my wife I love to cook! It’s what I think about on a daily basis and I love to try new techniques, come up with delicious recipes and how I can help others smile through my food!

I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 25 years  from casual to high end restaurants and as a chef working  on private estates with several personal clients.  I have even had the privilege to cook for two world presidents and a few celebrities!

I fell in love with cooking when I was young. My dad was a professional wrestler and was on the road a lot when I was young, thus I spent time with my mom and grandmother in the kitchen but I really loved watching PBS and learning from Gloria Child. I remember coming home from football or wrestling practice and turning her on the television to see her delightful show. Not sure why but I would watch it rather than the afternoon sitcoms and other programming.

I didn’t really start out in the field but finally about the age of 22 I owned a small catering truck and realized I love serving the public. From there I got into running restaurants and haven’t looked back! Now at 53,  I have scaled down a bit and love cooking for small intimate events, private clients while doing restaurant consulting. Since I no longer work directly in the professional kitchen I had to find an outlet to share my love of cooking with others and what a more perfect way than sharing this blog with you!

About this Blog:

My cooking can run the table from simple comfort food, clean eating, grilling, roasting, braising to breakfast, lunch and dinner! I want this blog to be your everything! Recipes, kitchen tools, pantry items to make your kitchen a place of pleasure to be in and hopefully grow your love for cooking as mine or at least make life a little easier for you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced cook, I hope you will enjoy this site and use it on a regular basis for your go to recipe site!

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Chef Dave!

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