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Hi All!

It’s been a while since I’ve been posting recipes so I want to give my audience an update. I’ve been doing some life changes and putting them into place to make life a little better. How’s that you may ask? Well as most of you and myself at the beginning of every year we tell ourselves we are going to get healthier, exercise, diet etc. just to usually fall short. We try the latest fad diet such as Keto, Adkins, Paleo etc. to realize that it’s hard! Hard in the way that we get our cravings back for the delicious pizza, ice cream, breads and such and think to ourselves well it’s time for a cheat day which lowers our willpower to stay on track and not fall back to the pot holes in which got us to the place we are in!

Yes, that was me too! Every year I would pledge to myself I’m going to lose that 40lbs I’ve put on and do healthy life choices and get myself back into “fighting” weight again only to no avail and finally get so defeated we slump back into our regular routine and gain back the few pounds we lost and then some.

Well this year has been a little different for me. I started out on the Keto diet starting my morning with a Bullet proof coffee and eating a half dozen eggs and bacon with avocado. Later following it up with more meat, then add some more meat and eggs on top of that and finishing the day with a nice grilled steak or chicken and some veg. It sounds great and is great for the for couple of weeks but after a while my system would say “HEY” how about a little fruit in here or something sweet! Then the next thing to come would be to first step to downfall, “The Cheat Meal”! Which led to other cheat meals and then everyday was a cheat meal only to gain everything I lost and add a couple more extra pounds.

After my failure I decided to just count calories, eating healthy but not depriving myself of the good pleasures of life like a little bread, rice, potatoes, fruit, chocolate and even ice cream (although that is few and far between).  I LOVE food, just about any kind after all, being a restaurant chef/manager for most of my life I’ve had the opportunity to try most things.

So I started this new strategy of calorie counting and not depriving myself of items I love! I’m not saying its been easy either. I have had my fair share of going over board of instead of two slices of pizza I devoured the whole thing or eating the whole plate of fried chicken wings because it has happened a few times (or more) but what has happened is when I did I didn’t have the HUGE guilt on my shoulders. I am able to jump right back in because I’m learning and teaching myself better eating techniques on a weekly basis.

Changing how we eat and getting our body motivated on a regular basis starts with one thing first (at least in my opinion) and that is in our mind. Yes, how we go about our day and thinking about food. It start by learning what we want to eat on a healthy degree and adding in some of life’s pleasures along the way.

I will never be that person that makes a cauliflower crust pizza or eating some form of ice cream that well, isn’t ice cream just to say how healthy it is. Nope not gonna do it! If I’m going to enjoy something then it MUST be the real thing.

What does that lead too? I will start posting some delicious recipes and who knows maybe even some meal plans on how I do it. My goal at the beginning of the year was to loose 40 to 45 pounds and then gain back some in muscle. I’m proud to say that so far since January I’ve lost 22 pounds. I have lost 4 inches in my waist and feeling so much better. Yes, I still drink wine, eat pizza and have bread. There are no special things I’m doing just counting my calories, watching my sodium, fat and cholesterol. That’s about it along with light exercise! Life is to short to punish ourselves!

Stay tuned to see some great flavorful recipes and some exercise tips that have worked for me and hopefully this may help some of you too! Even if you’re in shape and great health now you will enjoy the recipes and probably (hopefully) like reading my journey! Stay healthy but eat the good stuff!


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