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Herb Crusted Game Hen


Fall Herb Crusted Game Hen!
Fall Herb Crusted Game Hen!

Tasty and juicy chicken with a sauce that will make you want seconds!

img_0339First take two hens out of package and pat dry extremely well. This will help the skin get really crispy


Next cut the back bone out by using kitchen scissors and cut along the backbone 


Repeat on other side of the bone to remove completely


Next cut the bird in half along the breast bone


Next season your bird with your favorite spices and herbs. in this case I used kosher salt, cracked black pepper, fresh chopped rosemary, garlic seasoning (no salt), Cajun spice and olive oil.

Insert an oven proof meat thermometer and set for chicken to cook to 180 when inserted in breast. Cook your birds at 400° until the thermometer reads 180. You can use a manual thermometer or until juices run clear when poked. If the skin isn’t as crisp as you like, place under the broiler for a couple minutes but watch closely so not to burn.


Rest the birds for about 10 minutes while making the pan sauce!

Sauce: take the drippings from the pan and pour into a large/medium skillet to med/high heat and reduce until about evaporated. deglaze pan with a little white wine and reduce until almost gone as well.

Add about a 1/3 C of chicken stock removing any brown bits from pan. then add 1/4 C of heavy cream and whisk together next add 2-3 tablespoons of butter and reduce heat to low.

Check for seasoning and add salt and pepper and a tbs of freshly chopped parsley to finish and take of heat

Fall Herb Crusted Game Hen!
Fall Herb Crusted Game Hen!

To Plate as I did hear, ( or you can use your favorite sides ) I made smashed small rosemary potatoes with parmesan cheese and sautéed Kale with mushroom and onion and garlic.

Spoon juices over the chicken for a wonderful presentation! Enjoy


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