The Journey!

A Fat Man’s journey of transformation!

July 6th 2018

As any year starts we all or at least most of us decide to do some sort of New Years resolution and every year the majority of us fail within the first few months while others may last a few weeks or is some cases a few days! That has described my life in a nutshell when it comes to getting in shape and living a more healthy lifestyle. I am no different from any one else but this year I knew if I was going to do something with this aging 54 yr old body it was time to not only change the way I eat but work as well!

This food blog was created as a means to display my recipes and love of cooking and creativity but I have decided to be a bit vulnerable by also posting about my own struggles with food! I’ve always have been a compulsive eater. Eating junk food when feeling a bit down or even when I would say “I deserve this”! Pizza, wings, subs, chips and ice cream would line my menu on a regular basis. When working a lot I would definitely pick up something on the way home and eat pizza (medium) like it were a big bowl of fruit! I would think to myself as justification “hey pizza has all food groups on it so why not”!

My weight has always fluctuated up and down and the last couple years mostly up to the ripe weight of 258 pounds! YIKES!! its not my heaviest but at 54 I feel it so much more than 10 plus years ago when I was almost 275! I realized in the fall 2017 I needed to do more than just change my diet because I’ve tried most. Keto, Adkins, weight watchers and so on. All worked for a short period of time until I got tired of them. Then one cheat meal would lead to two, then three or a whole day then a couple of days combined with thoughts of justification! Nothing worked because I couldn’t stay motivated. I still have days or weekends where I blow it and gain a pound or two back and then hate myself for it but as this blog is titled, It’s a journey!

We are all going to fail! You will, I will and frankly that’s ok! The key to all of this is no secret formula. The only determination you need is to get back up and get going again. Change your mind that you are starting “ALL” over again. NO, you are just picking up where you left off! That has been the slow transformation of my mind first! Once you get your mind around that and quit kicking yourself!

Here is some good news for you! Once I was able to get my mind around this I have been successful! This year I have been able to loose 27 pounds! In less than seven months of slow work. Normally for me it’s pound it out. If I didn’t loose a pound every couple days I would get discouraged. Now I don’t weigh myself on a daily basis but once or twice a week and even if I didn’t loose any weight in a week I wouldn’t care if I could measure why.  i.e. I eat pizza a couple days ago or it was burgers and fries. That said, most everyday I eat well. I won’t do fad diets or change some of the foods I love. I am just limiting my calories and changing the way I food prep for my weekly meals. Limiting my calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium is making a big difference.  So story short, I will be journaling about my day and what I’m doing for food, exercise and posting the recipes on the main page so you can try, follow along and I hope that some day it may inspire you to transform yourself to feeling better making better choices and not feeling bad about yourself if you do cheat a day or a meal! Cheers to better health!

Chef Dave

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