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About Chef Dave ─ a Brief Introduction & Overview

Hi and welcome to Chef Dave's Table! I couldn't be happier that you are here for a visit and browse through my recipes. I created this blog to share my love of food, entertainment and to bring a smile to you with the food I love!

Life is short, so we need to enjoy every minute we have here on this green earth. I don't get any more enjoyment than when I'm cooking for the ones I love, both friends and family and even strangers alike. Cooking for others is my love language, according to my lovely wife Kate, who enjoys the food I fix daily.  

My partner in crime, Kate, and I met in 2010 and got married in 2011, and shortly after, we discovered another food allergy. Yes, the dreaded gluten! Amongst other things she already suffered from, she would break out in hives when she ate something with gluten in it. I, however, love my bread, pizza, and pie crusts. This put me on a mission to learn as much as possible, and I was shocked to find how gluten can be in just about anything. I worked hard to create recipes in the restaurants that would be gluten-free, and by the end of my career, 80 plus % was gluten-free on our menus. 

I've turned that into our everyday life for us. Yes, I still make my own pizza dough for myself and have the occasional artisan loaf of bread, but 99% of my recipes will be gluten-free or can be tweaked to be so if you suffer from anything gluten, you've found the right site!

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My life has had some tremendous experiences, and many of those happened in the restaurant business. My career spanned twenty-seven years, starting in fast food and family-style restaurants. I then changed lanes moving into upscale casual fine dining, where I became a chef. I started as a Sous Chef and worked my way up to the executive chef and then VP and Corporate Chef of a small restaurant group. After that, I worked as a private chef and catered for a while. This path allowed me to cook for a lot of cool people, both my regulars and a few famous folks, along the way. 

I hung up my knife bag and tried some other professions in life but never lost my passion for food and entertaining others, which is why I started this blog. My wife and I moved to the country on a few acres and doing so, I started a large garden plot which turned into a larger plot, and now this year, we are turning our little piece of heaven into a working small market farm. We got our first puppy Ms. Maggie who keeps us busy and is our farm mascot. We will be adding chickens and some structures to grow the produce we sell and enjoy into the late winter months. Follow along and find out more about the Fat Hen Farms


Why did I start this blog? Simply it is my love for cooking and the joy it brings to others. It's the path that continues from my restaurant days, bringing happiness to someone else and bringing a smile to their face. Let's face it, life can be tough, so why not enjoy some good food along the way! 

My food is a collection of life! I don't like to cook just one type of food, and I love to explore and create new recipes that I want to share with you. I'm often asked what your favorite food or recipe is? My favorite dish would be my Wine Braised Short Ribs for something rich and comforting, but I love to cook seafood when entertaining. Yes, some of my techniques would be considered "fancy" to others, but I want to teach you that you can too. 99% of my recipes are simple, gluten-free, and healthy (for the most part), and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

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Kate and Maggie
Ms Maggie